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Guest Speaker
October 14, 2016
My former employer was probably better known for being an entertaining public speaker than he was for being a funeral director. Whether it was the WI, Rotary, Probus, U3A or numerous other groups, he knew just how to weave a spell over his audience with his tales of the lighter side of undertaking. ...
How To Be A Funeral Director
September 16, 2016
It would be nice to say that being a funeral director is just like people think it is: social work for the newly bereaved, guiding them through the blistering initial stages of their loss; listening, advising and steering their grief in a healing direction by enabling them to hold a meaningful funeral ceremony. ...
Painting your wagon
July 12, 2016
“You can have any colour you like as long as it’s black,” to paraphrase Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Corporation. You might think that quote should belong in the rarefied world of UK funeral vehicle coach building, but in actual fact coachbuilders have worked to accommodate those hardy few undertakers who’ve chosen ...
Best Dressed Funeral Director
June 6, 2016
As a kid I remember watching my dad negotiate the complex daily ritual of ‘which tie goes with which shirt’ as he got dressed for work. I’ve been spared because, like many funeral directors, I avoid the daily tussle with colour altogether through a dogged attachment to the partly traditional, partly uniform combination ...
What do Funeral Directors do for the Money?
May 4, 2016
Most people have a pretty good idea of what funeral directors are about: we’re pin-striped, high street social workers for the newly bereaved; guiding people through the blistering initial stages of their loss; listening, advising and helping them to arrange a meaningful funeral. And of course everyone knows our work with the bereaved is ...
The Bun Fight
March 29, 2016
“What do you call the bit after the funeral when refreshments are laid on for the mourners?” is a question families often ask.   I always suggest that if they need to call it anything then call it a ‘gathering’. Or just say that after the service everyone is warmly invited to join them for refreshments ...
When Nature Attacks
February 17, 2016
“Thing is, what you’ve got to remember is the overtime costs.”  “I realise that,” I said. “But the scale of fees does say that if the family pay a   surcharge they can have a burial on a Saturday morning.”  “It’s not just overtime though. There’s risk management issues.”  “You’d have risks any day of the week, Alan. ...
On The Road Again
January 15, 2016
I remember, during the earliest years of my career, my boss returning from a funeral and saying the cortege had passed the scene of a serious road accident involving a motorcyclist. By tragic coincidence, some days later we were engaged to arrange the motorcyclist’s funeral. He was only in his 30’s and his wife ...

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