Pet Bereavement Support

They play such an important part in our family life that its little wonder losing a pet is so distressing.

Often seen as another member of the family, the gap they leave behind can have a big impact on everyone. So why shouldn’t their send off be something to think about and be prepared for?

Deciding what you want to happen to your pet can really help the grieving process. Whether you bury them in the garden under a freshly planted tree or scatter their ashes on a favourite walk by the river, having somewhere you can go to remember can be a real comfort. Our information on Pet Cremation and Burials will help you decide what’s right for you and our memorials may just give you a few ideas for a fabulous tribute to your furry friend.

In much the same way as losing a human, coming to terms and learning to adjust to the loss of a pet takes time so it helps to talk about it with friends and family. You can also contact the Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity who offer a free Pet Bereavement Support Service.

Pet Cremation

This can be arranged either through your Vet or direct through a company that specialises in pet cremation.  The costs can vary and cremation through your vet is not always the cheaper option.  There are a couple of ways a pet can be cremated so it is worth checking either with the Vet or the Crematorium if this is important to you.

Individual pet cremation – this is the only way you can be sure the ashes you get back are your pets.  It will be more expensive but if you want to keep or scatter the ashes, it may be the best option.  Do check though that your pet is cremated in their own chamber.

Communal or Mass pet cremation – this is where a number of pets are cremated at the same time.  Their ashes are then scattered in a recognised memorial area.  If it is not important for you to have the ashes, this may be a good option but it is worth checking where the cremation takes place as some are just carried out in a waste disposal operation.

For more information on cremation, visit living with pet bereavement

Pet Burial

You can choose to bury your pet at home or at a pet cemetery.  A home burial may seem the best option for a hamster or guinea pig but it does get more complicated when talking about cats or dogs.  For example you do need to own your home, keep away from any underground utility cables and ensure the grave is at least 3 feet deep. And then what happens when you move?

Pet cemeteries offer an alternative but they can be a lot more expensive and in some cases can incur an annual maintenance fee in addition to the burial costs.  The services and type of burial offered differ depending on the cemetery so it is worth visiting beforehand to ensure you are happy.

For more information on burials, visit living with pet bereavement

Pet Memorials

A large percentage of our life is dedicated to looking after a pet so it can often be really important to have a little bit of something to remember them by.  So it’s no surprise that there are a number of pet memorials available from plaques to headstones, keepsake hearts designed to hold your pets ashes to handcrafted urns and caskets.

Here’s a few of our favourite sites:

Pets Remembered

Pets in Paradise

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