Simplicita Direct Cremation Review

  • Operates throughout England and Wales
  • One of the first UK direct cremation providers
  • Cost of the direct funeral service increases depending on ‘add ons’
  • Ashes returned by courier at a cost

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Who is Simplicita?

Simplicita is an independent company owned by a funeral director who has been providing services to the local community of Lytham Saint Annes and the Fylde peninsula since 1970; carrying out his first direct funeral cremation service in 1991.

Based in the grounds of the Lytham Saint Annes Crematorium, Simplicita offer local traditional funeral services and direct cremation services throughout England and Wales.  

What plans do Simplicita offer?

As mentioned the owner of Simplicita offers his funeral services locally to families based on the Fylde peninsula but also provides both at need and prepaid direct cremation services through his brand name Simplicita. For the purposes of this direct cremation review, we will be concentrating on the prepaid Simplicita direct cremation plan:

The Simplicita ‘No Funeral’ Plan – this direct cremation plan is broken down into the essentials you need for a direct cremation plus the additional services you may require. As all direct cremation plans this is cremation without a funeral service so no one in attendance. The ‘essential’ part of the plan includes collection throughout England and Wales from a hospital or hospice, a simple wood based coffin and the cremation fees up to an allowance of £450.  

The cost of these elements is £1,645 but then there are other variables you may need to add to the plan, such as the doctor’s fees for a second death certificate if still relevant, collection from home or a nursing home (anywhere that doesn’t have a mortuary) and the return of the ashes

You can find out more about direct cremation and how it works on our main direct cremation page.

Will there be more for my family to pay when the time comes?

In a word yes, but to a degree some of the cost depends on whether you pay in advance for the ‘add ons’ or leave it to your family.

The Simplicita Direct Cremation plan comes with an allowance of £450 for the cremation fees. As Simplicita currently only use Lytham Saint Annes Crematorium, I would expect that this fee is based on the current price paid for the direct cremation services. However if these costs increase at an excessive rate and exceed the allowance included in the Simplicita direct funeral plan, the family would need to pay the balance.

In addition if collection is from home or a nursing home the fee is variable but currently around £250 and you have the option to have the ashes returned by courier in a simple transit urn for £50, or a solid wood engraved casket for £100.  

How can I be sure my money is safe?

When you pay for your Simplicita Direct Funeral plan your money is held in life insurance plan, administered by Ecclesiastical Planning Services. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which in turn means you are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Payment Options

You can pay for your Simplicita Direct Cremation Plan either in full, which will be the cheapest option or by instalments. You need to call Simplicita direct to get information on their instalment options as this information is not readily available. Please be aware that as with all instalment options, you will pay more for the privilege of spreading your costs.

Can I cancel the plan?

When you buy your direct funeral plan from Simplicita you have a month’s period in which to review the plan and if you decide to cancel, you receive a full refund of monies paid. If you cancel after this period you receive a refund minus the cancellation fee of £245.

What happens if I move address?

If you move the plan will move with you as long as it is within mainland England, Wales and Scotland (please note that whilst Simplicita do not sell plans in Scotland, if you move their to live this will be covered).

Our Simplicita Direct Cremation review verdict

The relationship Simplicita has with Lytham Saint Annes crematorium means for the moment they can control costs and offer a comparable direct cremation service. However at £450, the allowance in this prepaid plan is the lowest of all the direct cremation plans we have reviewed, so there could be more to pay in the future if the council run crematorium changes its pricing structure.

The add ons to the services on offer by Simplicita could make the plan quite pricey too; for example if you need to pay for doctors fees, collection from home and ashes delivered in a wooden casket, instead of £1,645 you would actually pay £2,159.  

The direct funeral service offered by Simplicita certainly appears to be a personal one as the owner seems very hands on but the size of the operation is unknown as there is no information readily available on staff or any fleet of cars etc used for collection through England and Wales. 

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