10 Steps to Switching Energy Supplier

1. Check if you can get a better deal with your existing supplier.  If you are a pensioner, disabled, have health problems or in receipt of benefits, check if any additional financial help is available

2. Check if your existing supplier charges a fee for cancelling.  Depending on the savings it may still be worth switching even if you are charged an exit fee.

3. Gather the relevant information required to compare energy prices 

4. Make sure there is no outstanding debt.  You may not be able to switch if you have an outstanding debt of more than £500.

5. Compare energy prices using our energy comparison table

6. Choose your new supplier, follow the instructions and complete the switch.  Your new energy supplier is responsible for managing the switch which can take up to 8 weeks.

7. Receive confirmation (either in writing or by phone) of your contract with the new supplier.  There will be a cooling off period of between 7 and 14 days depending on the energy supplier in case you change your mind.

8. Let your existing supplier know you are changing.  This is to ensure they don’t try to prevent the switch for any reason.  

9. Pay off any outstanding gas or electricity bills with your existing supplier and cancel any direct debits or standing orders.  

10. Take a meter reading to give to your new supplier.  Keep the reading to hand in case there are any queries with final bills

Finally, make a point of taking time to compare energy prices on a regular basis. Suppliers have a nasty habit of changing prices so it pays to be ahead of the game.

Compare energy deals
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