Reduce your energy bills

  • Understand and choose the right tariff
  • Compare all residential energy suppliers in the UK
  • Get the cheapest gas and electricity deals by switching online
In this guide: How to compare gas and electricity, how to switch supplier, tariffs explained & energy saving tips
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Compare gas prices

Compare Gas prices for the cheapest deal with Over50choices

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Compare electricity prices

Find the cheapest electricity supply by comparing all energy suppliers online

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compare dual fuel prices

Compare dual fuel prices

Save even more money by having your gas and electricity supplied by the same company

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Switching energy supplier

Switching Energy Supplier is easy and could save you a substantial amount of money.

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Energy tariffs

Increase your savings by choosing the right tariff

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Energy saving tips

Save money and keep warm with our Energy Saving Tips

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Funeral plans

Compare & save up to £350 

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The best energy deals

Never switched your energy supplier? If so now’s the time to start.

Achieving cheaper energy bills by switching your gas and electricity company is really straightforward whatever age you are and can save you a substantial amount of money!

Energy prices are getting more and more expensive with many Over 50s concerned about how they are going to pay bills, especially through retirement. Managing our money and making sure it goes further is so important the older we get so anything we can do to reduce household costs has got to help!

Thankfully these days it’s quick and easy to compare energy prices and the great thing is that usually you get the best energy deals online.

There is no physical change; you continue to get your gas and electricity through the same pipes and cables. The only difference is the company that bills you and of course a reduction in the amount of money you pay for your energy supply!

To help get cheaper energy bills you’ll find everything you need to review and compare quotes at Over50choices.

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