The good care group provides bespoke live in care services across the UK
The Oldie is a satirical and news-orientated magazine that has a similar approach to humour as Punch and the New Yorker.
The Pensions Regulator is a government site that is devoted to giving everyone affected by pensions a wide range of information and support.
The UK Live-In Care Association promotes the advantages and benefits of live in care as very few people are aware that you can receive care in the comfort of your own home
Travel Saga is a site that offers users information and advice on travel, with the user base being the over 50s.
Travel 55 offers a wide range of advice and information on travel and travel destinations to those who are over 50
UK Funerals is a comprehensive listings site that gives users the opportunity to find professionals and providers that can help with funeral arrangements.
Volunteer Now is a specialist site that is aimed at providing information on and promoting the idea of volunteering in Northern Ireland.
The site is famous for an extensive resource list. Here it lists websites, books and leaflets that the site visitors may find useful

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