50 Connect is a site that is dedicated to people who are aged 50 and over. It is a lifestyle site that is designed to offer advice and information
Since it started in 2010, Active Minds has been dedicated to researching, designing and developing a wide range of activity products to assist people with dementia in leading active, engaging and fulfilling lives. 
This is the site that has been created by the U.K.’s largest charity developed to help older people. It is a well-presented site and is professionally created.
This site has been created specifically for an audience of people who are over 50 and need advice and information on lifestyle changes and problems.
This site is dedicated to providing users with an extensive list and search facility for the best restaurants, towns and accommodation places in the UK
This is a site that offers advice and information on care homes and issues around them
This is a website that has been created by Caring Homes and offers plenty of advice and support on caring and the caring industry.
Cruse is a site that has been specially created to help people deal with bereavement and the issues around death. 
This is the official website of the English and Welsh wine industry. It has a wealth of information on wine and where to find it,

Fab After Fifty is a website that has been created for an audience of women over 50. It contains articles and features on issues that face this demographic.

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Our Trusted Partners

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