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saga funeral plans

Saga is well known for providing information, products and of course holidays for the over 50s but as yet they do not offer Saga Funeral Plans.

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alternatives to a funeral

Although the majority of families still stick to tradition when it comes to funerals, an increasing number of people across the UK are now considering other options and looking for alternatives to a funeral service.

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Pay Now, Die Later: Funerals Uncovered TV Programme

I watched last night’s ITV Tonight show’s documentary ‘Pay Now, Die Later; Funerals Uncovered’ with varying degrees of frustration and sadness.Frustration at the lazy, one sided, sensationalised way the documentary was filmed and sadness that this blatant scaremongering will now put some viewers off pre-arranging their funeral services with a funeral plan.

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Equity Release Council Autumn 2018 Market Report

The Equity Release Council Autumn 2018 Market Report is out and makes very interesting reading on the way we view property and the part it is starting to play in our retirement and later life planning.

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price wars 2018

I said it would happen but I think you can safely say that the funeral plan price war has officially started, courtesy of today’s announcement that Dignity has slashed its funeral plan prices. 

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sun life cost of dying report 2018

The latest SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2018 is now out, providing the latest news on funeral costs, as well as information on our attitudes to funerals and funeral planning.

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Royal London National Funeral Cost  Report 2018

The annual Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report for 2018 has just been released and as usual makes interesting reading. Carrying the heading ‘Buried in Debt – The price of a good send off’

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Celebrity funerals

Sep 4, 2018

funerals of celebrities

Having read some of the fitting and beautiful tributes to Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin who sadly died on the 16th August 2018 aged 76; it made me think about other famous celebrities who will be remembered in some way for their funeral as well as their achievements

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over50choices comparison site

I know they say that time flies but I’m amazed that Over50choices is already celebrating its 5th year in business – and what a 5 years it has been.  Read more....

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is equity release safe?

There’s no doubt that these types of schemes, also known as lifetime mortgages are big business, especially amongst retirees looking to enhance their pension pot, make home improvements or use as a gift for family. 

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