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Funeral Plan Review Part 3 – The Co-operative Funeralcare

My 3rd funeral plan review concentrates on the funeral side of the food and banking giant The Co-operative Group; namely The Co-operative Funeralcare.

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Funeral Plan Review Part 2 – Golden Leaves

In the 2nd of my funeral plan reviews, I take a closer look at the prepaid plans on offer with Golden Leaves; who has launched a number of innovative funeral planning options

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Are Funerals about the Living?

Regardless of which way you look at it, it’s all about you, not the poor person who lay in the box!

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Funeral Plan Review Part 1 – Golden Charter

Golden Charter Funeral Plans Review by Ashley Shepherd MD Over50choices

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father and con

Introductory UK Funeral Plan Review article. Read the full series to find the best funeral plan for you

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Funeral Insurance – What are the Options?

Funeral Insurance can help protect the people you care about both financially and emotionally.

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Funeral Planning fit for a Prince!

Funeral Planning is a delicate matter; even with the miracle of medicine, none of us are immortal so planning a funeral is something we should all do at some stage.

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Can a Prepaid Funeral Plan Really be an Investment

If you were to think about investment possibilities, a prepaid funeral plan would probably never enter your head. If you were to consider all the ways you can help your children through life, buying a prepaid funeral plan I am guessing wouldn’t be high on your agenda. If you were wanting to put plans in place that would protect your family, a prepaid funeral plan would quite possibly be the furthest thing from your mind. So can a Prepaid Funeral Plan really be an investment and how?

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Who will pay for your parent’s funeral?

I’m guessing it’s something you haven’t thought about, why would you? We may joke about our parent’s inheritance but in reality the thought of losing our parents is firmly pushed to the back of our minds for as long as possible. But think about it just for a minute; who exactly will pay for their funeral?

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Still on my funeral soap box

I have written previously about paying for a funeral and the necessity to put plans in place but the launch of the Sun Life Direct annual Cost of Dying Report has forced me to climb back onto my soap box and write again about the perils of doing nothing. As mentioned in a previous blog, the cost of funerals has risen again not only for the 9th year in a row but also again way above the rate of inflation.

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