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Report reveals thousands would rather face debt than look for a cheaper funeral

Royal London Report shows that funeral costs are rising again, making paying for a funeral more stressful for some

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coop direct cremation

Direct Cremation; sounds nice doesn’t it? Surely a simple cremation can’t be the funeral director’s equivalent of the fast food industry?

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Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2014: the facts

Cost of dying report from Sun Life is expected to show further increases in funeral costs. For an independent view read more here

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Paying for a funeral the easy way!

Too many people struggle with funeral costs when it comes to paying for a funeral. Read more to find out why

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over 60s couple

I realise that people buy a funeral plan for a whole host of reasons. Read on to look at them in more detail

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Visit the funeral planning section of the website to find out about Liberty and cheap funeral plans.

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Be Sure on Price with our Prepaid Funeral Plan Price Match Guarantee

Check out our Funeral Plans Price Match: lowest prices guaranteed, plus a Free Will or Gift Voucher.

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How save up to £370 on Golden Leaves Prepaid Funeral Plans

Golden Leaves funeral plans to increase the price of its prepaid funeral plans by up to £270 on 1st July 2014

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Where is your head on prepaid funeral plans?

Only 7% of those surveyed said they had already bought a funeral plan but 56% said they had considered it but not got around to doing anything

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So how do you feel about paying for a funeral on your credit card?

Paying for a funeral on a credit card was the largest & most frequent purchase in 2013 - how will you pay for yours?

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