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The Heat Is On As Cremation Costs Soar By 30%

Cremation costs have risen by a third since 2010 from £475 to £640 Find out more

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The Financial Cost of Repatriation

One of the most significant costs is the repatriation of the deceased’s body back to the UK

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expat funeral plans

When living in Spain planning your funeral may not be top or your list, but repatriation costs can be expensive

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What would your ‘dream funeral’ be like?

Brits dream funeral revealed in new survey by Over50choices. Read more

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Is the funeral time bomb about to explode?

However, the so called funeral time bomb is unlikely to explode in my more here

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Soaring funeral costs see record levels of funeral plans sold

According to figures released by the Funeral Planning Authority 147,325 were sold last year; that’s 12,000 more than last year.

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“Rising funeral poverty could lead to garden burials

MP Emma Lewell-Buck is re-igniting ministers interest in the forgotten but nonetheless serious issue of funeral poverty

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How much does a funeral cost?

What would you say if I asked you how much a funeral costs, 40% of people under estimate it by £1275

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How do monthly funeral plans work?

The major providers offer monthly funeral plans over over 1, 3 and 5 years. Read this before you buy to explore your options

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The UK's Most Expensive Place to Buy and Die is Revealed

Whilst house prices have been soaring by up to 11.7% in the last year the cost of dying has increased by 10.6% Read more

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