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dignity funeral plans

Having been in the prepaid funeral plan market for quite some time, we have gained a much greater understanding of what our customers are looking for when considering buying a prepaid funeral plan, which is one of the reasons why we recommend Dignity Funeral Plans

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how funeral plans work

It’s good to see more people are coming to terms with the prospect of planning their funeral in advance with a funeral plan but there is obviously still some confusion over certain aspects; be it with the actual funeral plans themselves or funeral planning in general

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cremation of burial uk

A choice all of us will need to make in our lives whether it is for ourselves or those we care about is whether we should opt for a cremation funeral or a burial funeral. 

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Reducing the cost of your funeral bill

Who is going to pay the costs for your funeral when you die? It might seem like the kind of macabre question that is best not asked but...

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what is a funeral plan

Only a shocking 16% of Brits aged 45 and above have a prepaid funeral plan in place. And those without a funeral plan don’t realise how affordable a plan could be and how easy it is to set one up.

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Funeral costs have doubled since 2004 according to latest research

It's hard to believe that the average cost of a funeral has doubled since 2004

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how to find out if someone has a funeral plan

Our advice is to talk about end of life planning with your relatives and tell them what type of funeral you want

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Sun Life Funeral Plan Review

Its worth pointing out that the Sun Life funeral plan is not to be confused with the Sun Life Guaranteed Over 50 Plan

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Local funeral directors - how to find one

Searching for a local funeral director is not something you day every day and hopefully not one you will need to do very often.

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The Changing Face of Obituaries

Obituaries are no longer in newspapers, online obituaries through social media & websites are increasing in popularity

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