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travel insurance over 50s

Beware, however, that all the benefits of your medical insurance plan are unlikely to provide any comfort or security at all once you travel abroad on business or on holiday. 

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ways to fund retirement

The simple answer to that question is yes you can – and there are plenty of homeowners who bear witness to the fact. Although a more recent report by retirement specialists Advantage found that fewer people in the UK are considering using their property for an income in retirement.

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how do i cope with grief

The death of someone close to us typically releases very personal emotions. Coping with grief is likely to vary considerably from one person to another and from one time to another.

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cheap home insurance

Certainly, cheap home insurance does not have to be a thing of the past simply because you have reached your 50’s

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Later life planning

Feb 28, 2018

later life planning

In the latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) - a man now aged 65 may expect to live a further 18.5 years and a woman 20.9 years. 20 years of life in retirement may prove difficult for many people to fund. 

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healthy living

For all the myths and old wives’ tales, there is no elixir of life to keep you forever young. But bookshelves and the internet these days are awash with practical ways on how to stay healthy for longer – and the older you get, staying healthy becomes ever more a priority.

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too young to arrange your funeral

Perhaps the constant media attention about rising funeral costs has started to hit home, or is it just our attitude towards death has changed and in this new digital age we have a more pragmatic view on life – and of course death!

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are health cash plans a good idea

Health cash plans allow you to choose the consultations, check-ups and treatment you want, pay for it, submit the invoice and receive reimbursement of between 75% and 100% of what you spent

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help for loved ones

A big highlight of the holiday season is getting the whole family together. But spending quality time in each other’s company often means we notice changes in an elderly parent or other older relative that may have been overlooked before.

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direct cremation

There is certainly no pomp and ceremony with a direct funeral – which might take the form of direct cremation or direct burial. Instead, the cremation or burial takes place without any ceremony or funeral service 

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