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What is Guaranteed Life Insurance?

Guaranteed life insurance is often associated with the Over 50 Life Insurance plan: guaranteed acceptance no medical insurance. Find out more

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How to Get the Most from Over 50s Life Insurance

Learn how you could get at least 40% more cover by exploring our Over 50s Life Insurance Infographic

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over 50s couple

Did you know that you could be at least 40% better off with a regular whole of life insurance plan. Read more to find out how.

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best over 50 life insurance

Choosing an Over 50 life insurance plan can be difficult and quite frankly downright confusing. Not only can these types of products be shrouded in a world of insurance jargon; there are just so many options available. So exactly how do you work out what is the best Over 50 Life Insurance?

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There have been a number of articles in the press about the perceived lack of value of Guaranteed Over 50 Life Insurance. In fact you can ‘guarantee’ that every 6 months, someone jumps on the band wagon and makes disparaging remarks about how thousands of people throughout the UK are being ripped off. The problem is that these articles are never balanced. You only get one side of the story depending on who’s telling it.

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more life insurance

It fascinates me why with the age of the internet, so many people fail to shop around for the best deal. Unfortunately this is so true when it comes to buying Over 50s Life Insurance.

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