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Funeral Plan Market

Dec 19, 2017

funeral plan market

The Funeral Plan market has grown dramatically over recent years and as a result has become rather confusing and in some ways misleading.

When I say misleading, I am not talking about funeral plans as such: although there are some areas that require clarification. 

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avalon funeral plans

It was with mixed emotions that I read the Mail on Sunday’s report on the illegal tactics one prepaid funeral plan provider is reported to have been using to so say ‘bully’ customers into buying their prepaid funeral plans.

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best funeral plans

Having read an article recently ‘Prepaid Funeral plans; what you need to know before you buy’ I felt compelled to put pen to paper (or whatever the equivalent is these days in our new super high tech world) and clarify a few point; in particular the best way to compare funeral plans.

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monthly funeral plans

Given the rising cost of funerals and the low interest rates on savings, there is little wonder that funeral plans, allowing you to save money by fixing funeral costs at today’s prices are a good idea; but what about monthly instalment funeral plans? 

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funeral costs 2017

Another year has slipped by which heralds the publication of the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017 – not a publication you would immediately subscribe to but interesting reading all the same

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funeral guide

These days you can find a wealth of information on funerals; be it a funeral guide that may prove helpful when making funeral arrangements either in advance or at time of need. 

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fairer finance funeral plans report

All is not calm in what would appear to be the somewhat muddied waters of the funeral plan market according to recent research carried out by Fairer Finance

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burial plans

Compared to cremation funerals, burial costs can be considerably higher, mainly because of the cost of burial plots. As the majority of plan providers only include an allowance in their funeral plans to help with the actual burial or interment fees

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how much is a burial plot uk

A question I get asked a lot is ‘how much does it cost to buy a burial plot’ to which I usually reply ‘how much is a piece of string’. I am not meaning to be facetious or unhelpful but the cost of burial plots or burial lairs as they are known in Scotland really do vary that much

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are funeral plans regulated

Even the cheapest funeral plans cost a fair chunk of money though, so if you are committing to a prepaid funeral plan, you want to be certain that your money is safe.

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