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Getting old sucks!

Aug 15, 2014

Getting old sucks!

There are so many things about getting old that I just don’t like. Read on to find out what!

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New pensions

The term guaranteed guidance is not advice with a capital A. Many people will not take this pensions advice and be left at risk. Read more

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How will the new pension reforms impact your life?

The pension reforms will offer greater flexibility and financial freedom to our pension pot. Read more

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Is a happy retirement really £15,000 a year?

The National Employment Savings Trust Report states that a pension income of £15,000 a year will make you feel more comfortable in retirement.

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Over 50s Personal Finance – The Benefit of Hindsight

It’s inevitable that as you go through your 50s you start to focus more on retirement. Can you afford to retire; at what age; how will you spend your days; will you still need or want to work part time?

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can i afford to retire

Can you afford to retire? A question no doubt thousands are asking themselves this very minute.

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Happy Retirement is Financial Security, not Companionship

I read a report recently that I felt I had to share with you all about people’s values and needs when it comes to retirement. Apparently according to a survey conducted by Aviva looking into what makes a happy retirement, when it comes to listing things in order of priority, Over 55s, regardless of their age, income bracket or gender opt for financial security over companionship. Don’t you find this fact astounding and a little bit sad, or are you one of the 27% who rank money as being the most important ingredient when it comes to happiness?

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