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Smart meters to cost £11bn: Now that’s a lot of electricity!

Smart meters and switching energy suppliers could save you £100's Read more

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Switch Energy Supplier to Save Money in Just 3 days

Its welcome news that switching energy supplier will take just 3 years by the end of 2014. Find out more

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energy supplier losing customers

Anyway back to moaning about Energy Suppliers: One of the big 6 has made headline news again; surprised?

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Compare energy prices – your last chance saloon

So have you compared energy prices yet and got a better deal?

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how can i reduce my energy bills

With the nation up in arms about soaring energy costs, one question surely must be praying on everyone’s mind; how can I reduce my energy bills? The obvious answer which I have talked about in a previous blog is to look for a better deal and switch energy supplier.

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What is the Best Energy Deal?

You’re probably sick of reading about energy companies by now; soaring energy prices, threats that another of the big six is about to increase its already inflated tariffs, or that they have just released the best energy deal. Quite frankly the media is full of it, but hang on in there and take a couple of minutes to read on. I have been talking about switching energy suppliers for some time now but have to admit to a certain degree of lethargy; my excuse being that I have just moved house and don’t know what my future bills will look like. In truth I have done nothing!

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Is it a Good Idea to Fix your Energy Prices?

As winter draws near it feels as though everyone is jumping on the energy bandwagon and talking about switching energy suppliers, fixing energy prices, cutting down energy use and the cost of going green. Mind you with a third of the UK saying that they are concerned with the prospect of paying their heating bill this winter, there’s little wonder that it’s such a hot topic (no pun intended).

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10 Steps to switching Energy Supplier

Thanks to the internet, these days it’s easy to compare prices and switch energy supplier. In fact if you’re wanting to keep the pennies in your pocket, it should be viewed as an important part of your regular finance review, along with other household bills and insurance policies. Switching energy supplier shouldn’t be daunting; there’s no physical change apart from the company that bills you and of course the amount you pay for your energy supply. To help you on your way, here are your 10 steps to switching energy supplier:

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