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I know they say that time flies but I’m amazed that Over50choices is already celebrating its 5th year in business – and what a 5 years it has been.  Read more....

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is equity release safe?

There’s no doubt that these types of schemes, also known as lifetime mortgages are big business, especially amongst retirees looking to enhance their pension pot, make home improvements or use as a gift for family. 

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joint funeral plans

Are you helping your parent choose a prepaid funeral plan? Single of joint funeral plans are available. Read more today.

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equity release hot spots

It’s fair to say that this huge increase in the demand for equity release mortgages or lifetime mortgages as they are also known is nationwide, however there are certain pockets of the country, so called ‘equity release UK hotspots’ 

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how long does a cremation funeral last?

Demand on crematoriums is high, however with cremation services now accounting for 77% of funerals and a decline in the number of religious church funeral services, how long should a cremation funeral take?

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best direct cremation plan

Direct Cremation is a relatively new funeral option available throughout the UK that simply separates the cremation process from the service. Quite simply it is a dignified cremation without a funeral service, so no family or friends in attendance; appealing to those looking for either a cheap cremation alterative or more frequently people who don’t want the worry and fuss of a funeral service.

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The man cave coffin

Jul 6, 2018

man cave coffin

I think all of us at some stage have asked ourselves the age old ‘desert island discs’ question – what things would we take with us if marooned on a desert island; what music, books or personal items you couldn’t bare to live without?

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cheap cremation funeral plans

With our changing attitude towards funeral tradition and soaring costs, an increasing number of people across the UK are now looking into cheaper low cost funerals, which is why there are now several prepaid funeral plans available which offer a cheap cremation alternative.

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latest funeral world news

These days funeral planning services in general are regularly making headline news; so much so that with the busy lives we lead, it can be hard to keep abreast of all the latest reports and updates.

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funeral planning coffin

Along with the summer, the 1st June marks the dawn of another important day; the day when both the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Treasury announced their reviews on both funeral costs and prepaid funeral plans in the UK.

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