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age co funeral plans

The Age UK Funeral Plan is provided by one of the companies we work with Dignity Read more

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The Heat Is On As Cremation Costs Soar By 30%

Cremation costs have risen by a third since 2010 from £475 to £640 Find out more

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Many are turning to equity release schemes to help them to pay off their mortgages, find out why

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The Financial Cost of Repatriation

One of the most significant costs is the repatriation of the deceased’s body back to the UK

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The Rise of the Mature Adventurer

If you think that adventure holidays are reserved for the younger generation you need to think again

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Does your pet get better healthcare than you?

Does paying for your pet's healthcare make a difference?

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The Rising Cost of Family Insurance

Family insurance helps to protect your family from a whole host of potential hazards: Read more here

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funding future care costs

Anyone who is paying for care and is affected by this deferral it will now be necessary to consider alternative sources of funding

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expat funeral plans

When living in Spain planning your funeral may not be top or your list, but repatriation costs can be expensive

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Don’t Mistake Your EHIC Card for Travel Insurance

The European Health Insurance Card, also known as the EHIC, which was introduced in June 2004 to provide reciprocal arrangements for medical treatment

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