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A lack of bereavement support for those who need it most

Its not difficult to see why the maximum payout of £700 from the Social Funeral Fund is demisery.

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Worst ISA savings rates for years

An increasing number of older savers are now looking at prepaid funeral plans

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People turning to payday loans to fund funerals

A staggering £576m has been borrowed from payday loans to pay for loved ones funerals over the past 5 years

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Why compare the market for travel insurance?

what we consider is the sensible thing and compare the market for travel insurance

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Who has the Best Energy Deals?

Shopping around for the best energy deal will save you money, but can you really be bothered

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pension changes

These changes to the state pension follow the significant changes to private pension arrangements

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The shocking truth about funeral plans!

Shocking truth number 4, funeral plans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Thinking about downsizing? Ask yourself these questions first

Downsizing is what many people consider at some stage in their lives; especially as they are nearing or in their retirement years

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How much is my house worth?

The key question how much is my house worth becomes more important when we are approaching our later years & making preparations for retirement planning

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Will the government pay for my funeral?

There is a state funded Social Fund Funeral Payment system in place but it hasn't been updated for many years.

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