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Funeral costs have doubled since 2004 according to latest research

It's hard to believe that the average cost of a funeral has doubled since 2004

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pension switching

As people spend longer and longer enjoying the freedom of retirement, your pension assumes greater and greater importance.

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Mortgages for the over 50s

As you move into your 50s, however, applying for a mortgage or a remortgage may involve different considerations

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Eating healthy in your 60s

Eating healthy at any age, but especially once you pass 60, is an important way not just of looking younger but also keeping your body fit and more youthful

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The Alzheimer’s Society points out that although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s or dementia generally,

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how to find out if someone has a funeral plan

Our advice is to talk about end of life planning with your relatives and tell them what type of funeral you want

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Over 50s Forums

Sep 16, 2016

over 50s forums

How many Over 50s forums are there? Take a look at some of our top pics.

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Sun Life Funeral Plan Review

Its worth pointing out that the Sun Life funeral plan is not to be confused with the Sun Life Guaranteed Over 50 Plan

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What to consider when comparing health insurance

The choice of health insurance provider is clearly important, so what needs to be considered as you compare health insurance schemes on offer

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Don't automatically renew: compare car insurance quotes

And securing that good value for money means shopping around and comparing car insurance quotes.

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