Switching your gas and electricity has never been easier

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Are you like I used to be and putting off switching your energy to a better deal thinking it is too much hassle, and you’ve not got enough time? You could be surprised – it’s easier than you think and switching your gas and electricity has never been simpler.


This is what first caught my interest was when I stumbled across the website of the energy regulator Ofgem, a while back which claimed I could be saving up to £300 a year just by switching providers and finding the best energy deals.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I thought I’d take a closer look at just what might be involved – expecting it all to be a lot of hassle, time and effort, and doubting whether it would actually live up to its promise at the end of the day.

But then I read an article in the Guardian newspaper on the 30th of December 2017 which said that I might even save more than £400 a year by spending the five minutes or so it takes to make the switch – and I was hooked into looking for the best gas and electricity deals. And you can do so, too.

So, how can you find the best energy deals?

What’s involved

Before you start to compare the best energy deals, there are a few things you need to check with your current arrangements:

  • check your gas and electricity meters –  if you use a smart meter, for example, ascertain whether it would still work with any new supplier;
  • check the tariff you are on – (in my case, it’s been a long time since I set it up, so it was something of an eye-opener to discover I’m currently on a standard tariff);
  • work out how much you have spent on energy in the past year;
  • if your current supplier is going to charge an exit fee, you need to know what that is, to factor it into the cost of making any switch.

Comparing energy deals

With that bit of groundwork done, you are now ready to compare the best energy deals. Using our service, you can understand and choose the most suitable tariff; compare all residential energy suppliers in the UK; and, get the cheapest gas and electricity deals by switching online.

Firstly, look again at tariffs and decide what type might be suitable for you:

  • the cheapest might risk you being locked into a contract for at least a year at a time;
  • you may wish to pay just a little more for the flexibility of being able to switch again whenever you choose;
  • an economy or “multi-rate” tariff might also save you money if most of your energy consumption is done at night; or
  • you might choose to put environmental issues first and opt for a “green” tariff – where most of the supplies come from sustainable or renewable sources (such as solar or wind power).

With some of those essential, basic decisions made, it is just a question of comparing the prices charged by different suppliers for the tariff you want so you can find the best electricity and gas deals.

Do bear in mind that if you choose the same supplier for both, you might probably make still further savings (these are known as dual fuel deals).

Making the switch

So, you have assembled the information you need, chosen the tariff that suited you, compared the best energy deals on offer and decided on a new supplier. Now you just need to make the switch.

It is easy to switch energy suppliers online – simply select the deal you want, provide a few details, and you’re done! There will be no interruption to your gas or electricity while the supplier switches over.

Do remember that you’ll receive a final, up to date invoice from your old supplier and you will need to settle that account.

That is it! For me, setting up the energy provider switch took no time at all, it was all done and dusted in just 17 days and caused no trouble at all. The difficulties start in about a year’s time though – when I have to decide how to spend that £400 or so that I have saved!

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