Holidays Ideas for the Over 50s, 60s and 70s

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By the time we reach our 50s, most of us will have had plenty of diverse holiday experiences. In other words, we know our minds! In fact, a recent BBC news story reported that us over 50s are spending more and more on holidays while younger people are travelling less.

We know what we like and don’t like, so we’re not inclined to waste time and money going on holidays to places that we strongly suspect won’t be for us.

Yet there’s an inherent risk in that. We can all start to become a little complacent and even ‘stuck in a rut’ when it comes to choosing a holiday.

If so, that would be a great pity because there has never been a wider range of choice and opportunities for holidays for people in their 50s and over.

We’re going to briefly explore some of those below. Hopefully this will fire you up with enthusiasm for ‘trying something different’ with your next holiday!       


over 60 cruise holidays

If you’ve never tried a cruise, it’s worth serious consideration.

Over 50s holidays that are cruise-ship based are sometimes perceived, wrongly, to be very expensive long-duration voyages. In fact, there’s a huge range to choose from.

Certain cruises depart from the UK but you can also take short cruises to exotic destinations by flying somewhere first and joining your cruise there. There’s no direct link between where you cruise from/to and how long you cruise for.

For example, there are some major inter-continental cruises that can whisk you to exotic locations over some weeks but others are much shorter. Some cruises might depart from say Gibraltar and visit two or three ports in the Western Mediterranean. Others might start in Florida and spend a few days cruising in the Caribbean.

Short duration cruises are typically affordable and usually ‘casual’ in style. Examples of such might include:

Long duration cruises can be a little more formal and understandably, they’re typically more expensive than their short-duration cousins.  Here, you can go almost anywhere and it’s a real opportunity to put all cares and stress behind you for some weeks or even months.


All these cruises and others like them may be worth looking at, as you get to see lots of different places, sleep while you are travelling, and only having to unpack once!

Coach trips

over 60s coach travel

Coach holidays have been with us now for well over a century.  They’re comfortable, familiar and a chance to make great new friends with your fellow passengers. So, they’re ideal if you like socialising and in groups though they might require a second thought or two if you prefer isolation and total privacy when holidaying.

They cover the whole UK or you can take trips that explore continental Europe too. Just like cruises, you can also combine a flight with coach tours, as in the case of the USA where you can fly to NYC or San Francisco, then go on a famous Greyhound tour.

If you’re slightly concerned about comfort, don’t worry though do check the facts in advance of course.

21st century coaches are also totally different to those we might remember from past decades. They’re super luxurious and with some incredible on-board facilities.

You can find out more through companies such as:

Coach trips enable you to see different parts of a country that you’d typically miss if travelling by plane, so you can really experience something different – all from the comfort of your coach seat.


over 60 walking holidays

This is a fantastic holiday. It’ll also get your GP smiling happily too because it’s a very healthy way to pass the time.

Please don’t worry that you need to be superhumanly fit or that these holidays are something of a military-style endurance test. There are plenty to choose from and there is certainly going to be one tailored to your fitness levels.

Examples of this type of holiday exist all over the world. You might want to consider:

The website Silversurfers also has some great ideas for UK walking holidays for over 50s and 60s here.

Walking holidays can be a great way to get out and about in the fresh air and see some sights, no matter what your age or fitness level.


cooking holidays

This type of holiday has boomed in popularity over recent years, perhaps in part due to the large number of cooking-themed TV shows!

Typically, these breaks are often combined with exploration of the local area and if abroad, the local culture too.

Worth considering are:


The fact that you’re no longer in a ‘couple’ shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying a holiday.

There are specialist companies that provide singles holidays for the over-50s all over the world – and the holidays are of all different types.  It’s an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people and have fun.

Worth looking at are:

City breaks

city breaks

Why not really explore and enjoy the culture of big city centres?

The plethora of art galleries, restaurants and historic sights, can be a very different experience to something like a 3-day cruise or a week on the beach. Why not try the romance of Paris or the sheer ‘buzz’ of New York City?

Breaks of this type are now possible to all parts of the planet, including:


safari holidays

Now it’s perfectly true that, by definition, you’re going to need to travel a fair distance by air to join a safari!

Even so, it’s a fantastic type of holiday. You can also put out of your mind all those old movie images of hacking your way through the undergrowth and dodging charging elephants.  Today’s safaris are luxurious, comfortable and planned with environmental protection upmost in people’s minds.

Sound interesting? Then you might want to check out:

If a long plane trip doesn’t interest you then, then why not visit the Port Lympne Reserve in Kent? You can stay overnight in a lodge or go glamping, and see animals such as giraffes, zebras and wildebeest!

The importance of travel insurance

Of course, as you would expect, it’s important to make a few comments about travel insurance and responsibility.

It’s a fact of life that by the time we get into our 50s, 60s and 70s, there’s a chance that we’ll be more prone to conditions that require medical attention.  Not only that but just like with people of any age, accidents and mishaps can arise when travelling.

Once you’re outside of the UK, such things might prove to be seriously expensive to deal with unless you have appropriate cover, even if you are travelling in the EU and have your European Health Insurance Card.

There are specialist plans available that can offer you the peace of mind you’ll need when exploring some of the above great holiday experiences.

Further reading: Over50s travel insurance.


There has probably never been a better time for us over 50s to get out and see the world on holidays that have been specially crafted.

Of course, you should be selective and look at holiday types that aren’t just targeted at the over-50s but are also of a type you have good reason to believe you’ll enjoy.

So, best wishes for your voyages and get out there and see the world!

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