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If you are over 50, you are a member of a pretty select club, typically with the prospect of many lively years ahead of you. Befitting any club worth its salt, the over 50s are able to choose from a whole host of online forums to share ideas and discuss issues of common concern – everything from gardening to ideas for the home and even a poll of your favourite Buddy Holly record.   


Here is a brief review of just some of those forums to which you might want to sign up:


Mature Times   

Based in Bristol, this newspaper has been in print since 1991 and now has an online version, too. It describes itself as a “campaigning” publication and distribution or online registration as a member is free of charge.   

Older is Wiser  

This website quite aptly describes itself as the social networking site for grownups. It is a lookalike Facebook type of site, where you can publish your own profile, network with friends or family, create or join groups with whom you share common interests.   

Advice and discussion topics given special mention include retirement planning and e-learning.   

50 Connect  

50 Connect is also part of the Older is Wiser (OWL) network and offers similar discussion forums. Tips and advice is available online to all members and, during the first week of September 2016, some of the top ten groups on the site featured titles such as “Winter sun and leisure in Benidorm”, “Over 70 and fit” and “Healthy body”.   

50Plus Works  

This forum-style guide is published on the internet by the Age and Employment Network (TAEN) with the official participation of the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.   

Its mission is to provide support for employers helping over 50s jobseekers to take up work again. In doing so, it is likely to be of interest not only to employers but also to the over 50s themselves and includes some interesting success story case studies and helpful links.   

The Oldie  

Forums and readers’ contributions which have a more humorous take on life for members of the older population, The Oldie magazine might be for you. It was founded by Richard Ingrams in 1992 (after he had also co-founded the satirical magazine Private Eye in 1962) as an antidote to what he – and others – saw as the media’s obsession with all that was youthful, fashionable and glamorous.   

There have been notable ups and downs in the magazine’s financial fortunes but it now claims a printed circulation of some 41,000 and an indeterminate online readership.   

Over50s Forum  

An online hub for the young at heart, proclaims the Over50s Forum, along with the – unsubstantiated – claim to be the world’s largest and busiest forum for the over 50s.   Popular threads during the first week in September 2016 included exchanges titled “I fear I’ve lost a friend. Me and my big mouth” and the “Junior doctors’ strike”.   


Mingle and chat on subjects from the serious to the amusing, says Mabel’s over 50s online forum. Create your own personal profile and share your experiences with like-minded over 50s.   


And don't forget our own Over 50s blog where you can read interesting articles relating to the latest personal finance for us over 50's!

Are there any other over 50’s forum sites that you use? 

Then please let us know.  

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