Why compare the market for travel insurance?

Why compare the market for travel insurance? main image

You are probably aware of the need for appropriate travel insurance whenever you go away, whether for a short city break or a longer holiday. But do you simply buy the travel provider’s insurance at the time you book your holiday – or do you do what we consider is the sensible thing and comparethe market for travel insurance?   

If the former, then we can understand that after the process of booking flights and accommodation etc., you just want to get everything done and dusted, so buying the provider’s own travel insurance cover may be the easy option.   

That doesn’t need to be the case, however – by taking out ten minutes or so to shop around for travel insurance, you may not only get a better quality, more comprehensive form of cover, but at a more cost-attractive price.   

Insurance needs may be different to your younger counterparts – and so potentially work out more expensive.   

Why is this?   

Firstly, when you are aged 50 plus you are more than likely to have experienced a medical condition that needed hospital treatment. This could be something you may feel is innocuous such as a haemorrhoidectomy or something serious such as cancer.   

Either way, your potential travel insurance provider will want to know – and failure to do so may render your cover invalid. What this means is that if you need to make a claim - even if it something unrelated to your health such as theft or loss of baggage - the insurer is typically within their rights to reject any claim. This is because your failure to disclose your health status is seen as fraud.   

Secondly, once you hit the magic number of 50, the reasons for having to cancel a holiday may increase – such as the death of a parent, a very sick grandchild, or you falling ill and not being able to travel.   

Either way, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are over 50, you may typically find that buying travel insurance can be more expensive than you had imagined.   

It’s not all doom and gloom, however! By comparing your different travel insurance options across the market, you will find there are providers who don’t charge what we call “silly” rates for over 50s travel insurance.   

Why compare the travel insurance market?   

We have discussed two reasons above why not buying the first travel insurance policy that comes along is typically a sensible idea.   The third reason is that by doing your research, you can shop around (or let us do it on your behalf if you prefer) to find what you consider is good-value, comprehensive cover. 

This could include a one off single trip policy, or for frequent travellers, an annual insurance policy.   

Don’t be complacent!   

The message here is obvious - don’t be complacent when it comes to buying travel insurance. There are specialist providers of over 50’s travel insurance (and we can find these for you) who offer comprehensive, affordable cover.   

Never buy travel cover on impulse - comparing your travel insurance options may typically help you find the most appropriate cover for your own unique needs  - and at a price within your budget.  

compare the market for travel insurance

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