Choosing an Equity Release Scheme - our top 10 tips

Sep 3, 2015
top 10 equity release tips

How do you choose the right equity release scheme when it's a once in a lifetime decision to make? 

After all it's your home we are talking about and borrowing money on it in your later years is probably not what you planned. And then there are the horror stories of people losing their homes when house prices crash, as they did 20 plus year ago. 

Well I am pleased to report that there is now no chance of your home being repossessed provided you choose a company that is a member of the Equity Release Council, as they guarantee that this won't happen under any circumstances. 

So is releasing equity a good idea? 

Rather than repeat myself here, can is suggest that you read our top performing article "Is equity release a good idea" - this article lays out all the things you should know and coupled with our Top 10 Equity Release Tips slide show, this should give you lots to think about. 

Top 10 equity release tips

Once you have viewed the slide show and read the article you may wish to use the equity release calculator to see how much cash you could raise on your home - there is no obligation to do any more than this, but if you would like to have an informal chat with a specialist adviser, you can complete the Get a Quote Request Form on the equity release page of our site.

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