Deep cleaning tips for obsessive cleaners

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If you like things to not only be clean but to sparkle from floor to ceiling, you might choose to call in domestic cleaners on a regular basis or you might decide a DIY deep clean is the only way to go. Sometimes, a bit of elbow grease is the only way to cure a cleaning obsession so here are several must-know tips to ensure your home is truly sanitised. 


Deep clean your carpets with organic ingredients

Want to deep clean your carpets without using a concoction of hazardous chemicals? Then why not do things the organic way? To start with, remove dust, dirt and debris by thoroughly vacuuming your home using the suction hose to get all those hard-to-reach places. Next, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and add it to your steam cleaner – just like you would any other cleaning solution – before getting to work removing all that ingrained mess. 

Focus on areas that get a lot of traffic such as staircases and hallways and if needs be use a higher ratio of vinegar to water in a bid to combat particularly dirty areas. If you’re worried your house will start to smell like a salad dressing, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the cleaning solution to create a scent you enjoy.

Top tip: To keep your carpets fresh between deep cleans, mix one cup of baking soda with 10-20 drops of essential oils and sprinkle it on the floor before vacuuming. 

Use lemon and salt to make stainless steel shine

If you want your work surfaces, cooker, bathroom taps or kitchen sink to shine, here’s what to do. Firstly, squeeze a lemon over the areas you want to deep clean. This yellow fruit is great for cleaning many household objects as not only does it smell delicious but it’s a natural disinfectant helping everything to stay spic-and-span. Once that’s done, sprinkle some salt onto one half of the lemon and rub over all surfaces making sure you focus on areas that are particularly dirty. 

The salt will act as a natural abrasive helping to remove any discolouration and stains that have been driving you mad. If your sink has a garbage disposal unit, you can then grind up the lemons before rinsing the sides with lukewarm water – hey presto, job done. Not only is this deep clean method totally organic it’ll leave your home smelling wonderful. 

Prepare your sofa for a steam clean with baking soda

Are your sofas a little on the stinky side? If so, try sprinkling them with a light dusting of baking soda before letting it work its magic for around 30 minutes. Baking soda is great for getting rid of odours, is non-toxic and won’t cause any harm to upholstery making it a great choice for obsessive cleaners. It can be used to get rid of smells in shoe cupboards and fridges too but in this instance it’ll leave your couch smelling much more refreshed. 

Once the baking soda has been left for some time, mix laundry detergent with water and use a nylon scrub brush to give your suite a wash. Rinse, using a damp, clean rag before passing a steam cleaner over if possible. If you don’t own one already, they can be hired from many DIY and cleaning shops or you could always call in professionals just to finish the job off.

There are many ways to give your home a thorough clean, but these are certainly some of the best using an array of eco-friendly ingredients.

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