The inspirational Lynda Bellingham

Oct 16, 2014
The inspirational Lynda Bellingham

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that since reading the news of her plans to stop chemotherapy, Lynda Bellingham hasn’t been far from my thoughts.

Words just cannot convey the range of emotions you feel reading her story; sadness that such a loved actress will inevitably lead too short a life; admiration for her bravery both in her battle with the illness and her decision to stop her treatment and affection for the strong woman who is facing the word with such a massive smile on her face.

It seems odd doesn’t it that you can feel affection for someone you haven’t even met but don’t you feel that you know her; after Lynda Bellingham has been part of our lives throughout the 80’s and 90’s as the ‘OXO Mum’ and it was of no surprise when she was picked to join the panel of the feisty ‘Loose Women’.

Having disappeared from the limelight for a while, the news of her terminal cancer came as a complete shock  but then amazingly she appeared on numerous TV programmes, talking about her decision and promoting her new book ‘There’s something I’ve been dying to tell you’. She may look quite different with her white hair and small frame however the woman we all know and love is still very much alive, cracking jokes and making everyone feel that little bit better – wow!

Listening to her talk about her decision to ‘park’ chemo reminds me of two comments others in similar positions have made in the past. 

The first is about control; Lynda Bellingham feels that she has taken control of the situation by deciding to stop chemotherapy; a treatment that was causing her a massive amount of pain and terrible side affects which were controlling the quality of her life. Her goal is to spend Christmas with her family and then if she is ready, stop the chemo. She is controlling the situation, not her condition.

The second point is that she believes she is lucky to have the chance to talk to her family, enjoy time with them and make plans; something many families aren’t able to do when they lose someone suddenly.

I guess it’s a lesson to us all that we shouldn’t be too complacent with life and take the people we care about for granted. Why leave those deep and meaningful conversations unsaid? Why wait until you are about to lose someone to talk honestly about how you feel?

Lynda is making the most of her precious time which should be a lesson to all of us. Not only is she spending quality time with her family, she is also doing an amazing job of raising awareness of bowel cancer, making it her mission to sweep away the embarrassment surrounding the condition. 

Lynda Bellingham, we wish you and your family all the love and hope in the world.    

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