Discover the best and worst in the quality of elderly care in England

Sep 25, 2014
Discover the best and worst in the quality of elderly care in England

Making the decision to place your loved one in a care home is a difficult one, but it can be equally difficult to find the right care home for them once the decision has been made. 

Nevertheless, the number of people living in residential homes is higher than it has ever been – as of September 2014, there were about 426,000 elderly people (with 405,000 aged over 65) living in care homes throughout the UK, with the vast majority situated in England and more expected to join them over the next few years.

Searching for a care home has now been made a lot easier with this innovative, interactive map from Caring Homes, an independent UK-based care home provider. It allows you to cut through the wealth of information available on the subject and easily find out in which locations the best and worst residential care is provided. 

In addition, users can find out how that is reflected or affected by the affluence and life expectancy of each county. The information used within the map comes from the Care Quality Commission and is correct up to the middle of June 2014. 

Take a look at the map here.

care homes in UK

Simply click on each county to view its vital statistics as far as care homes are concerned. The darker the colour shade, the stronger its care home system is, the more affluent the county is or the higher its average life expectancy is.

The results make for interesting reading. It is clear, for example, that the counties with the highest levels of affluence, such as Surrey and Hertfordshire, often provide the lowest levels of care, which is not necessarily a trend you might expect to see. 

Find out how your area compares with others around it and use that information to inform any decision you may be thinking about or already in the process of making.

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