How save up to £370 on Golden Leaves Prepaid Funeral Plans

Jun 23, 2014
How save up to £370 on Golden Leaves Prepaid Funeral Plans

The end of June not only marks the half way point of the year, it is also when Golden Leaves, one of the UK’s leading prepaid funeral plan providers plans to increase its prices.

Following in the heels of the majority of its competitors, Golden Leaves plans to increase the price of its prepaid funeral plans by up to £270, so if you are thinking of buying a plan either for yourself, partner or perhaps your parent, now would be good time to act if you want to save the pennies.

Luckily for many, Golden Leaves have been slow to react with their annual price hike meaning that for many months they have been one of the cheaper options when it comes to buying prepaid funeral plans, but from the 1st July 2014, their prices will be as follows:

•    Golden Leaves Simple Funeral Plan - £3,220 – an increase of £150
•    Golden Leaves Standard Funeral Plan - £3,600 – an increase of £250
•    Golden Leaves Superior Funeral Plan - £3,920 – an increase of £270

It’s also worth mentioning that we are currently offering a further discount of £100 on all single payment or 12 monthly instalment Golden Leaves funeral plans bought through the Over50choices website, which means you could save up to £370 if you act before the 1st July 2014; not a small amount of money to save by any stretch of the imagination I’m sure you will agree.

Of course payment options are available with all funeral plan providers so if you are looking to spread your costs and keep expenses down, take a look at the instalment and fixed monthly premiums some companies offer.

Also buying the best funeral plan that is suitable for your needs is not just about price so it is good to compare funeral plans before you buy, however with services provided by a nationwide team of independent funeral directors, 3 levels of cover to choose from and lower prices for a limited period, it may be worth giving Golden Leaves a look before the end of the month. 

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