Understanding the Funeral Planning Mine Field

Jun 4, 2014
Understanding the Funeral Planning Mine Field

It’s encouraging that an increasing number of over 50s, 60s, 70s and 80 somethings these days are thinking about the impact funeral costs will have on their family and putting plans in place to reduce the financial burden but I am the first one to admit that when it comes to choosing the right option, things can get a bit confusing.
Funeral planning is a good thing and kind to your family but how do you know you’ve got it right? Some companies talk of funeral insurance; others prepaid funeral plans; then of course there is the over 50 life insurance plan that is predominantly sold to help with funeral costs.

So how do you wade through the funeral planning mine field and is there a simple way you can be sure of choosing the best funeral prepayment option?

Ta dah - let me introduce you to our latest infographic which will walk you through the process of choosing funeral plans that suits your own personal needs and of course your budget.

In simple steps it shows you:

•    How funeral costs are broken down
•    What a funeral could cost in years to come based on current inflation
•    The options available, benefits and how they compare
•    Payment options
•    A quick reference guide based on price, payment method, application process and when the cover starts

Take a look and see for yourself:

funeral prepayment options 

I have to confess to wanting to shout about the new funeral prepayment infographic as I believe this is the first time anyone has clearly illustrated the planning options available to you in one easy to read document; making the whole process straightforward and transparent.

Often people opt for an over 50s life insurance plan without being aware that a prepaid funeral plan is within their budget and more in line with their requirements, or visa versa. Our aim is to make it crystal clear what is available, the service or cover it provides (warts and all) and the price you can expect to pay.

Of course this is just part of the process; once you have chosen the best funeral prepayment option, you then need to compare plans and prices to ensure you are getting the right deal at the best price. As the infographic shows, you just need to think about what is important to you and the price you are comfortable paying. 

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