How to Get the Most from Over 50s Life Insurance

Feb 27, 2014
How to Get the Most from Over 50s Life Insurance

No doubt by now you will have seen the numerous adverts for guaranteed over 50s life insurance on tv and in the papers, often hosted by a variety of well loved celebrities.

If you are looking for life insurance that will help with funeral costs, guaranteed over 50s life insurance could be the answer; especially if you are attracted to the no questions asked approach where the state of your health isn’t taken into account. With monthly payments starting from around £7 a month (in some cases lower) and guaranteed acceptance, it can be an affordable and simple option when it comes to choosing life cover.     

But before you sign on the dotted line or click that ‘buy now’ button, were you aware that another option exists that could offer at least 40% more cover for your money? Stand aside guaranteed over 50 plans, I’m talking Regular Whole of Life Insurance.

Actually, rather than telling you all about how the two life plans compare, why don’t I show you with our new Over 50s Life Insurance infographic. In addition to highlighting the differences between guaranteed over 50 plans and regular whole of life insurance, you can work out which is the most suitable plan based on your personal circumstances.

Over 50 Life Insurance Infographic 

See, pretty straightforward isn’t it? It’s just a shame so many people currently opt for the guaranteed plan, potentially losing out on additional life cover simply because they aren’t aware of the options available to them.

So now what? Well if you are looking to compare over 50s life insurance or regular whole of life insurance, we can help; just click on your preferred option and off you go. 

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