Funeral Plan Review Part 5 – Liberty Funeral Plans from Funeral Planning Services

Feb 12, 2014
Funeral Plan Review Part 5 – Liberty Funeral Plans from Funeral Planning Services

liberty funeral plansI did mention in my original Funeral Plan Review blog that although my initial focus was on Golden Charter, Golden Leaves, Dignity and Co-op funeral plans, I am happy to review any other companies on request. Well here by popular demand is Funeral Plan Review Revisited – Part 5, all about Liberty funeral Plans from Funeral Planning Services.

Who are Funeral Planning Services?
Funeral Planning Services was established in 1995 providing and administrating funeral plans in association with independent family owned funeral directors throughout the UK. They are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) and are members of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans.

How do Liberty Funeral Plans work?
Regardless of your method of payment, all money is paid into the Funeral Planning Trust; a separate entity which is managed by trustees, the majority of which are independent of the company Funeral Planning Services.

The trust fund is monitored annually by independent actuaries and auditors and complies with the requirements of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

What funeral plans do they provide?
Funeral Planning Services provide 4 plans:
•    Liberty
•    Liberty plus limousine
•    Liberty plus disbursements (third party costs)
•    Liberty plus limousine and disbursements (third party costs)

You can also add extra limousines for an additional fee.

What are the payment options?
Liberty funeral plans have two payment options; in full with a single payment or by instalments over a 1, 3, 5 or 10 year period. Anything over 12 months will incur additional administrative fees so make sure you are happy with the total payment.

What do they cover?
All Liberty funeral plans guarantee to cover the funeral director’s fees and services which includes help with relevant documentation and guidance on all matters relating to the funeral; transportation and care of the deceased, a coffin, family viewing during office hours, a hearse and drivers and bearers for the funeral service.

Depending on the level of service you choose, you can also include a limousine and / or an allowance of £1,050 for third party costs which includes burial or cremation charges as well as the minister’s and doctor’s fees.   

How much do Liberty funeral plans cost?
If choosing the single payment option, expect to pay the following for the Liberty range of funeral plans:
•    Liberty - £2,110
•    Liberty plus Limousine - £3,210
•    Liberty plus disbursements (third party costs) - £3,500
•    Liberty plus limousine and disbursements (third party costs) - £3,800

Further limousines can be included for an additional £200.

If you prefer to spread your payments, you can choose the 12 month option which will not incur any additional fees; or alternatively there are 3 further instalment options, all of which include administrative fees.


Liberty offer one of the cheapest funeral plans of all the companies we have reviewed and their application form is clear and straightforward however if you are looking at funeral plan comparisons, make sure you compare on a like for like basis. Two of the Liberty funeral plans don’t include third party costs which are very often included in many of their competitor’s more expensive plans.

If you are comparing funeral plans, it may make sense to compare the two plans that do include third party costs or disbursements as they are known in the industry (as we have done in our funeral plan comparison table); unless of course you are happy for these not to be part of your pre-paid funeral plan.

Why choose Liberty Funeral Plans from the Funeral Planning Service?

If you are still scratching your head over which company to choose, here are some key points about Liberty funeral plans which may help you make up your mind:


•    Their inflation proof guarantee ensures your family won’t pay more for the funeral director’s service when the time comes  
•    Funeral Planning Services offer one of the cheapest funeral plans
•    Your personal wishes can be recorded
•    You can choose to only include the funeral directors costs if you prefer

To learn more about Liberty funeral plans please follow the link.

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