Funeral Plan Review Part 3 – The Co-operative Funeralcare

Jan 27, 2014
Funeral Plan Review Part 3 – The Co-operative Funeralcare

Following on from previous funeral plan reviews on Golden Charter and Golden Leaves, my third review concentrates on the funeral side of the food and banking giant The Co-operative Group; namely The Co-operative Funeralcare. 

Who is The Co-operative Funeralcare
Unlike the two companies I have already reviewed, The Co-operative Funeralcare is actually a funeral director and not just a plan provider; in fact they are the country’s largest funeral director with almost 1,200 funeral homes across the UK. They have over 100 years experience and are members of the Funeral Planning Association (FPA).

How do Co-op Funeral Plans work?

Depending on your chosen method of payment, your money is either held in a trust fund or whole of life insurance policy.If you pay by instalments or make a single payment, your money is invested and managed by Royal London who is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


If you choose fixed monthly payments, your money is invested in an AXA Sun Life Direct whole of life insurance plan; again protected by the FCA. 

What funeral plans do they provide?

The Co-operative Funeralcare has 3 set Cremation and 3 set burial plans offering bronze, silver and gold levels of service.You can also opt for a tailor made plan, the cost of which will depend on the services you choose to include and a memorial masonry plan that gives you the opportunity to select your own memorial headstone.   


What are the payment options?

Set funeral plans come with 3 methods of payment; up front with a single payment; instalments over 12, 24, 36 and 60 months (anything over 12 months incurs an additional instalment charge so make sure you are happy with the total amount payable before signing on the dotted line) or by fixed monthly payments.

With the latter, your money is paid into a whole of life insurance plan with monthly premiums payable for life or until you are 90. You have to pay into the plan for 2 years before your funeral costs are covered but if you were to die during this time, the money you have paid plus an additional 20% will be fully refunded to either your chosen funeral director or your estate.

What do they cover?

Co-op funeral plans guarantee to include all funeral directors and third party costs which include the hearse, coffin, service, transportation and care of the deceased, bereavement support for the family, burial or cremation fees and doctor’s medical fees and the minister’s fees.Limousines and a higher spec coffin are included in the silver and gold plans. 

Unlike other funeral plan providers, you have no flexibility to change your Co-op funeral plans at a later date so make sure you are happy with your chosen services if taking this option. 

How much do Co-operative Funeral care prepaid funeral plans cost?

For single payment or 12 monthly instalments, Co-operative funeral plan prices are as follows: (updated 1/7/15)

• The Co-operative Funeralcare Bronze Funeral Plan- £3,365

• The Co-operative Funeralcare Silver Funeral Plan - £3,850

• The Co-operative Funeralcare Gold Funeral Plan - £4,195

Fixed monthly payments depend on your age and the level of cover you require starting from £25.80 (based on a 50 year old purchasing a bronze plan).Of the 4 plan providers we are reviewing, Co-op funeral plans are the second most expensive however unlike many competitors who pay an allowance towards third party costs, the Co-op actually cover these additional fees, providing a guarantee that everything in the plan is fully covered with nothing more to pay and they are currently offering a £100 discount to those customers who buy online.  

Why choose The Co-operative Funeralcare?

If you’re still pondering over which company to choose, the following points may help:

• You choose from their team of Co-op funeral directors

• Prices include third party costs with no more to pay

• You get a £100 discount for buying a funeral plan online

If you are interested in finding out more about funeral plans and to see how the Coop compares to other leading plans please click here. Alternatively for more information on Co-op funeralcare, go to

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