Funeral Plan Review Part 2 – Golden Leaves

Jan 21, 2014
Funeral Plan Review Part 2 – Golden Leaves
In the second of my six funeral plan reviews (updated June 2017), I take a closer look at the prepaid funeral plans on offer with Golden Leaves; a well established provider who has launched a number of innovative funeral planning options.

Who is Golden Leaves?

Golden Leaves provide prepaid funeral plans for people throughout the UK and overseas having been at the forefront of the industry for over 25 years. They are founding members of both The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) and The National Association of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (NAPFP) and work with a network of funeral directors across the UK and Europe.  

How do Golden Leaves Funeral Plans work?

If you pay for your Golden Leaves funeral plan by single payment or monthly instalments, your money will be held in the Golden Leaves Trust; overseen by an independent board of trustees and regulated in compliance with The Financial Services & Markets Act 2001.  

If you opt to pay by fixed monthly premiums, your money is paid into a Life Insurance Plan provided by AXA Wealth Management, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What funeral plans do they provide?

Golden Leaves offer 6 prepaid funeral plans in total. There are 3 traditional plans offering simple, standard and premium levels of cover; plus a basic funeral director only plan and recently launched direct cremation plan and a main stream plan, similar to most providers, that offers restricted creamtion times in return for paying slightly less.
They also offer a Green Funeral Plan and International plan. 

What are the payment options?

There are 3 payment options; in full with a single payment, by monthly instalments (anything over 12 months will incur an additional charge) and fixed monthly payments until either your 90th birthday or death.

The Golden Leaves From50 brand has now been encorporated within the main Golden Leaves product range, which also has a fixed monthly payment option and offers cover with lower monthly premiums, aimed at making it more affordable to a much wider audience. 

With the Golden Leaves From50 plan fixed monthly payment plan, you are fully covered after just 12 months, which is unusual as traditionally, similar plans on the market have only offered full cover after an initial period of 2 years. If you were to die during the first 12 months, your services wouldn’t be provided but your premiums paid would be fully refunded.
Golden Leaves is also the only company to offer a rebate guarantee that ensures you will never pay more into the plan than the overall cost of your funeral services. Up until now this has been a potential risk with fixed monthly payment plans, depending on how long you live and as a result, how long you are paying your premiums. 

What do they Cover?

Golden Leaves’ plans guarantee to cover the funeral directors costs, which includes their help with administration, transport of the deceased within a 25 mile radius of the funeral director’s premises, care of deceased, the service, a hearse and an allowance towards third party costs which includes cremation or burial costs and the ministers and doctors fees. 

Standard and premier levels also include the use of a chapel of rest for viewing, limousines and a higher quality coffin.

Their From50 fixed monthly basic level of cover is similar to the simple plan but doesn’t include the third party allowance.  

In June 2017, Defaqto the financial review company awarded the Zinc, Silver, Gold & Platinum all Golden Leaves Plans 3 Stars meaning that they offered an average level of cover.

How much do Golden Leaves funeral plans cost?

With single payment or 12 monthly instalments, you should expect to pay the following: (updated 1/10/15)

• Golden Leaves Simple Funeral Plan - £3,105

• Golden Leaves Standard Funeral Plan - £3,460

• Golden Leaves Premier Funeral Plan - £3,710
As I have previously mentioned, the majority of funeral plan providers have already put their prices up this year in line with funeral related costs however Golden Leaves have yet to follow suit. (Please note prices above have now been updated 19/06/17) 

Why choose Golden Leaves?

If you are still pondering between the different plan providers, the following Golden Leaves features may help make your decision:

• They are the only company to offer full cover after just 12 months on their From50 fixed monthly payment option 
• They are the only company to offer a rebate guarantee that ensures you will never pay more than the cost of your funeral on their From50 fixed monthly payment plans
• They offer Green and International prepaid funeral plans

If you are interested in learning more about Golden Leaves Funeral Plans you can visit their site and of course see how they compare with other providers in our comparison table here at Over50choices. 

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