Funeral Planning fit for a Prince!

Nov 11, 2013
Funeral Planning fit for a Prince!

prince philip funeral plansFuneral Planning is a delicate matter; even with the miracle of medicine, none of us are immortal so planning a funeral is something we should all do at some stage. 

I read in one of the newspapers over the weekend that Prince Philip has been putting his funeral plans in place for sometime; yes even the Prince has to think about funeral planning! At the grand old age of 92, The Duke of Edinburgh now appears to be back in good health and in the public eye so hopefully he won’t have need to call on those arrangements in the near future, but having read in the press and online about his plans, it certainly feels as though his funeral service will be personal to him and his time spent serving in the armed forces; a very honourable affair by all accounts.

Indeed it sounds as though he has put a lot of thought and time into the service, rejecting the pomp of a state funeral for what I’m sure will be the more subtle grandeur of a very royal affair. Never one to disappoint, Prince Philip is reported to find it ‘very amusing’ that at 92, he has outlived many of the people who have been helping him with the funeral arrangements. That’s Prince Philip for you; never one to miss a punchline!

It’s quite poignant but not intentional that I am blogging about Prince Philip’s funeral arrangements on Armistice Day. The Dukes apparent dare I say passion for making his funeral a military affair is borne from his commitment and dedication to the armed forces; I guess it’s his greatest tribute!

The conundrum is when is the best time to put funeral plans in place? When it becomes unavoidable as you journey through your twilight years, saying goodbye all too frequently to lifelong friends as they start to dwindle around you; or when you are fit and healthy and a good many years away from your final swan song?

Surely funeral planning has to be easier when popping your clogs seems light years away; when you are not feeling the pressure of ‘darkness’ looming ever closer; when you can’t even see it on the horizon? 

So what about our own funeral planning arrangements? Well we may not have the title, money or status to warrant a state funeral however this shouldn’t stop us celebrating the things that are most important to us. Why shouldn’t you have the funeral you deserve?

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