Movember, Movember the Month of Movember!

Nov 5, 2013
Movember, Movember the Month of Movember!

movemberThe launch of this year’s Movember got me thinking about the whirlwind that has been the last 4 years. The catalyst for  change was being diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2009; hence my full support and admiration for the Movember  movement.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Movember is an  annual event held in November (get it!) when men come together and grow moustaches with the objective of raising  awareness and support for prostate cancer and other male cancers. In my experience there is also a certain amount of bravado and leg pulling about who can grow the biggest and the best Moustache or Mo as they have been nick named. Sad isn’t it that as grown men, we still can’t help believing that the ability to grow the thickest, darkest, bushiest Mo is somehow related to our Masculinity. Will we ever grow up I hear you women say?

Cancer is a weird thing. No matter how hard you try it becomes such a big part of your life, even after treatment. It’s like having an unwanted addition to the family; an evil relative who is always loitering in the background waiting to cause disruption and upset.

Things for me could have been so different. Had I not had that medical at work; had I not pushed the doctor to do that extra test; had I not taken the invaluable advice my specialist gave me to have my prostate removed. 
They call it ‘sliding doors’ don’t they; when you choose a certain path to go down but could quite as easily have taken the alternative route. I guess that is why I felt the need to write this blog, urged on by the Movember message.

It’s not about scaring people or bringing doom and gloom to the party; it’s just about letting you men out there know how important it is to check yourself and if you have any concerns, go to the doctor.

I was 47 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer which by all accounts is pretty young – lucky old me. I didn’t have any symptoms so I suppose I was lucky in a way that they found it when they did. My father also had prostate cancer so my brothers and I all have an increased risk; he was 68 when he was diagnosed though so unfortunately I had a bit more of a head start.

My Dad is now a very active 83 year old and I’m pleased to say we are both fighting fit and enjoying life to the max!

So whether you’re wearing your Mo with pride or supporting your fellow Moustache wearers by sponsoring them, don’t forget the 2 most important things: 

• Have a jiggle on a regular basis to make sure there is nothing untoward going on down there
• Go to the doctor if you have any symptoms or concerns 

 You’ll find all details of symptoms and how to check yourself on the Movember website.

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