What is the Best Energy Deal?

Oct 18, 2013
What is the Best Energy Deal?

what is the best energy dealYou’re probably sick of reading about energy companies by now; soaring energy prices, threats that another of the big six is about to increase its already inflated tariffs, or that they have just released the best energy deal. Quite frankly the media is full of it, but hang on in there and take a couple of minutes to read on. 

I have been talking about switching energy suppliers for some time now but have to admit to a certain degree of lethargy; my excuse being that I have just moved house and don’t know what my future bills will look like. In truth I have done nothing!

Well today I finally stopped making excuses, got off my backside and did something about it. In addition to saving money on my gas and electricity bills, I have fixed these lower prices for 4 years and the whole process took me about 10 minutes. As you can imagine, I now have a pretty smug grin on my face!

What is the best energy deal and is it right for everyone to switch

Well that really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a fixed energy deal that will guarantee the price you pay for your gas and electricity for an agreed time, then the answer is yes, switch now and be quick about it. The best energy deals only have a certain amount of availability before being replaced by less attractive offers, so act now. 

A word of warning; some of the fixed energy deals have an exit penalty if you leave the contract early. If you want the security of a fixed energy deal with flexibility to move at no extra cost, npower and EDF are currently offering 4 year deals which may be of interest however the cost does vary by region so use a regulated energy comparison service like ours before deciding on the best option. 

If you prefer to stay on a variable tariff, sit back, bide your time and see what the market does over the next few weeks. 2 of the big 6 (SSE and British Gas) have already increased their prices; more will follow. You don’t want to switch to another energy supplier only to find that they increase their prices the following day. Wait until the market settles down, then compare and switch.

Switching Energy Suppliers is Quick and Easy

As mentioned switching energy suppliers is a really simple straight forward process. All you need is the following:
• The name of your existing supplier and the tariff you are currently on
• The amount you have spent on gas and electricity over the last year or your usage
• Your current method of payment
• Your postcode

(If you’re not sure of your tariff, spend or usage, take a look at previous bills or if necessary contact your current energy supplier)

Don’t forget if you have an elderly parent, you can help them switch too. There may also be additional help available to them like the Warm Home Discount Scheme or Winter Fuel Payments; take a look at our website for more details.

So when you next sit down for a cup of coffee, go on the internet and have a look. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like energy prices will continue to increase in the foreseeable future. Be ahead of the game; keep the pennies in your pocket, don’t throw them away!

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