Pet Insurance – A Price Worth Paying?

Sep 25, 2013
Pet Insurance – A Price Worth Paying?

Sitting here writing this blog with a very whiny bored dog beside me who is desperately trying to get my attention reminds me just how big a part our pets play in our lives. Hugo; our greying, lumpy, dribbly but oh so handsome Hungarian Vizsla is quite simply our pride and joy.

The unconditional love, following me around like a shadow and the extremely lively and vocal greeting I get every morning are just 3 examples of why having a dog or any pet for that matter is a great thing.

Of course having a pet does have its tough times; it’s expensive for a start, especially when you start to factor in Vet’s bills. I must admit I did question whether to get pet insurance many years ago, wondering whether it was better to put some money to one side just in case. One trip to the vets quickly made me realise it just wasn’t worth the risk; for me Pet Insurance was a right option.

There are of course different levels of cover available depending on your needs and budget though I would warn against immediately opting for the cheapest option as it may not offer the right level of cover. 

Plan’s are designed to help cover the cost of Vet’s bills in the event that your pet becomes sick or injured typically providing:

• Cover for vets fees
• Third party liability cover for dogs if they injure someone or damage property
• Pet boarding fees if you are sick and need to stay in hospital
• Overseas travel cover if your pet is sick or injured whilst abroad
• Advertising costs if your pet is stolen or lost
• The cost of the pet reimbursed if it dies

There are two different types of Pet Insurance:

• Lifetime Pet Insurance which insures them for life
• Non lifetime Pet Insurance which limits the amount paid per condition

Lifetime Pet Insurance
This type of pet insurance is the most comprehensive and as a result the most expensive. As always prices vary so do shop around. Typically you can either choose cover that pays a set amount per condition per year, or one that has a set limit per year that covers all conditions.
Regardless of which option you choose, the cover levels are reset each year so your pet is eligible for the same level of cover for life.

Non lifetime Pet Insurance
This cheaper pet insurance option provides limited cover for a condition before excluding it from the policy, meaning your pet will not be covered for that condition in the future. You can choose either cover that has a set amount per condition with no time limit or the cheapest option which offers a set amount with a time limit. Basically once you have started claiming for a condition, it will only be covered for a certain amount of time (usually 12 months) before being excluded.

As mentioned this is the cheapest level of pet insurance and cover is limited so make sure you read the policy details before deciding if this is the right type of cover for you. 

As your pet gets older, costs will increase so it may be worth comparing pet insurance quotes when it comes to renewing. Be careful if you are thinking about changing plan providers though to make sure that the pet insurance offers the same level of cover and that your pet is not excluded for any of the conditions previously covered. 

For more information on Pet Insurance and the different levels of cover, visit the website.

Enough of the blogging; Hugo wins, it’s time for walkies.

By Ashley Shepherd

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