It will soon be Christmas

Sep 4, 2013
It will soon be Christmas

The highlight of last week and indeed the month was my daughter Abby’s first trip down to Cornwall to stay with Claire and I for the weekend. After a bit of a blip (a longer than expected journey consisting of 3 hours on the M5), the weekend was fantastic. The weather was lovely showing Cornwall in all its glory and it was great spending quality time with Abby. After pasties in Fowey and cream teas in Polperro, the day was capped off with a trip over the border into Devon for drinks on the Plymouth Hoe. At times this really does still feel like a holiday!

But enough of holidays; here we are in September. Summer has come to an end, term has started, the kids are back at school and everyone has their business heads back on. If I was still in corporate life I would now be in the throes of getting ready for that final push towards year end, already thinking about plans for 2014. 

To my mind there are two months perfectly made for planning, January and September. Of course it makes sense to put plans in place throughout the year and get into a routine so you can spread the time you spend shopping around for the best deals into bite size chunks but there is something about these two months that makes you more focused. 

January because you’ve had enough of the so called ‘silly season’. You’ve probably eaten and drunk too much (or is that just me?) and it’s inevitable that you will have spent too much so it’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf; put money saving plans in place, think about moving jobs or home and join the gym – well for one month anyway. 

September is about going back to school; the holidays are over so now you can get down to the serious business of putting your house in order. 

As a result, these two months can be extremely rewarding and self satisfying; after all saving money or at least getting a better deal for your money is a great feeling.

So while you’re feeling motivated, take a look at the website and start putting plans in place. I forgot to mention that this feeling of empowerment doesn’t last long. As soon as we get into November, everyone will start to remind us that Christmas is just around the corner and all plans go out the window as we concentrate on making that one day the best it can be, so make the most of this perfect moment before mayhem begins! It’ll soon be Christmas!

By Ashley Shepherd

Ashley Shepherd is an Over 50s Personal Finance Expert

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