Saving Energy the Ashley Shepherd Way

Aug 19, 2013
Saving Energy the Ashley Shepherd Way

Well the rain continued to fall on not so sunny Cornwall towards the end of last week but I’m pleased to say that Sunday was lovely and we spent the day out and about visiting the delights North Cornwall has to offer, including a cream team! 

I don’t think I will ever tire of being able to walk on the beach whenever I want, work permitting of course. It amazes me the number of people that take little things like this for granted. In fact I bet there’s a high percentage of people throughout the UK who live by the sea and never even set foot on the beach. Of course having a dog helps; there’s always a reason to go out for a walk, so Claire tells me anyway (if you haven’t guessed already she’s happy to walk for miles whereas I prefer to save my energy. I guess I’m what you would consider a more reluctant dog walker).

On the home front I am still busy trying to balance work and getting the house in order. The boxes are almost all gone now so this week I need to turn my attention to household matters such as checking we are with the best energy supplier. I sorted out our home insurance before moving and am pleased to say that I managed to save a tidy sum of money, so now it’s the turn of our energy supplier.

Switching is pretty easy, you just need to know the name of the tariff you are currently on, the amount your spend, postcode and current method of payment. You can do everything online which means you can often benefit from the best deals and nothing changes except the company that bills you and of course the amount you pay.

Tariffs are becoming easier to understand but I’m please the good people at Which? continue to battle for greater transparency. I think the most important thing to remember is to make a conscious effort to regularly review prices. Unfortunately energy providers can have a tendency to increase costs for existing customers, saving the preferential rates as a way of attracting new ones (just like car insurance I hear you shout!) so it pays to keep on top of things.

If you’re interested in reading more about switching energy supplier, I will be writing a more detailed blog shortly but in the meantime you can of course visit our website for more information. 

I told you I liked to save energy!

By Ashley Shepherd

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