Not so sunny Cornwall

Aug 6, 2013
Not so sunny Cornwall

So here I am in sunny Cornwall at the start of my exciting new life. The reality is that it’s raining and pretty dark outside, which is disappointing considering its 10 o’clock in the morning. In fact it hasn’t stopped raining for 2 days! 

It’s strange isn’t it that my childhood memories of Cornwall from family holidays are of blisteringly hot days and pure blue skies. Did I imagine it or has global warming really had an effect on our weather?

The move down here was pretty hectic as anyone who has moved house will know. We are still surrounded by boxes but the house is now starting to resemble a home. We now need to get the dog settled and into a routine so he doesn’t keep waking us up at 4am!

As well as the start of my brand new life in the Southwest (strictly speaking, my home town of Gloucester is classed as the Southwest but that always seemed a bit odd to me), I am very excited about this week’s launch of our new look Over 50 Life Insurance comparison section. Our ‘Compare Over  50s Life Insurance’ page now has illustrations of exactly how much more life cover a 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 year old would get by choosing an Underwritten Plan over a Guaranteed Over 50 Plan. 

You can find more information about Over 50 Life Insurance on our website but quite simply, a Guaranteed Over 50 Plan provides guaranteed acceptance with no medicals or health questionnaires to answer, with full cover starting after an initial period of either one or two years, where as an Underwritten Over 50 Plan has a longer application process with health and lifestyle questions to answer but can provide at least 40% more cover for your money.

I’m always surprised why people opt for the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan without shopping around and at least comparing it with an Underwritten Plan. Of course the Guaranteed option can be suitable for those looking for straightforward cover where your medical history is not taken into account but if that’s not an issue, then it’s certainly worth taking a look at both options.  

To help launch this important part of the website, I will be doing a press release over the next couple of days and plan to write a blog highlighting the differences too. As far as I’m concerned the more people that know about the different life insurance options available for the Over 50s the better, so I will be doing my bit to promote it as much as possible.

Talking of Over 50s, there must be over 50 boxes waiting to be unpacked so I’d better get on with it. The rain is forecast to stop by around 4pm so fingers crossed, sunny Cornwall here we come!

By Ashley Shepherd

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