What a weekend – hot ladies and Andy Murray

Jul 10, 2013
What a weekend – hot ladies and Andy Murray

What an amazing weekend. Amazing weather (I’m not moaning but would it be the really British thing to say it’s perhaps a tad too hot!); amazing tennis (well done Andy, I couldn’t face watching the whole match as my throat wouldn’t take all the shouting but as soon as the scores started to go in his favour, the TV went on) and an amazing Race for life in Cheltenham.

3,775 very hot ladies (temperature wise!) raised we believe somewhere in the region of £215,000. Wow!

I’m amazed by how an event like Race for Life can stir up such a mixture of emotions. Everyone is in a great, enthusiastic, positive mood; it really is a happy event but by the same token, quite sad. Claire and I lost count of the number of times we filled up just reading some of the comments people had written about why they were running the race.

On a similar note, I was saddened to see that good old Parky is reported to have prostate cancer, although it does sound as though they have got it early on and treatment is going well. I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Michael Parkinson a few years ago when I worked for AXA Sun Life Direct. Being the star of the company’s advert for their Guaranteed Over 50 Plan (as they say in the compliance bits on TV – other Over 50 Life Insurance Plans are available), he invited a few of us to see his show in London and meet up with him afterwards. It was great hearing him talk about his favourite interviews over the years and a real pleasure getting to catch up with him later.

As I mentioned on my Google+ account, I am thinking of going to The 50+ Show in London towards the end of the week, partly because I am over 50 but mainly because it will be good to see what other people are doing for our age group and hopefully get some new ideas for the website. Looking at the exhibitor list, there appears to be quite a diverse range of stands. Not sure I will be visiting the numerous ones that appear to be offering holidays abroad that include a trip to hospital for various forms of cosmetic surgery. Watch this space!   

By Ashley Shepherd

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