Keep on Dancing Bernie Nolan

Jul 9, 2013
Keep on Dancing Bernie Nolan

This week I got to experience the darker side of self employment. The side where you don’t have a team of people around you to share should we say the more mundane tasks. Well, there is Claire but I think she is getting wise to the fact that I keep on having very important meetings and phone calls to make! Yes this week I have been caught up in a word of website housekeeping jobs; repetitive, boring, mind numbing but necessary. 

When I do raise my head and avert my bleary eyes to the window, it’s good to see that the sun is shining and the forecast is looking great for the weekend, really good news especially considering Cheltenham is holding the Women’s Cancer Research event ‘Race for Life’. As with the Gloucester event, we intend to join the ladies to promote the men’s event ‘Race 4 Men’.

As well as being a truly worthwhile, fun event; Race for Life is a very poignant time; a time to think of friends and family members that are no longer with us. I have to admit to having a lump in my throat several times when watching the runners at the Gloucester ladies event the other week; many displaying the names and pictures of the family members they were running for on their t-shirts.

With that in mind, I was sad to see in the news that two brave ladies lost their battle with cancer this week; Pierce Brosnan’s daughter Charlotte and Bernie Nolan. The fact that Bernie has fought the illness in the public eye, raising awareness is commendable. 

What a courageous lady! I can’t claim to have been a Nolan Sister’s fan but wouldn’t it be great if this weekend; perhaps just after the barbeque, people throughout the UK had a sing and a dance to ‘I’m in the mood for dancing’! RIP Bernie Nolan.

By Ashley Shepherd

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