What should I do today

Jul 9, 2013
What should I do today

List of jobs to do.........

Walk the dog

Mow the lawn (if it’s not raining!!)

Pick my prescription up

Launch the website

Pop round to see Mum and Dad

.... hold on a minute. Launch the website!!

Wow, I’ve done it (sorry Claire, we’ve done it).The day I have been thinking about for years has finally come. I am doing my own thing, self employed, master of my own destiny. How exciting, how scary!

Seriously though I can’t believe how much my life has changed over the last few years. My wife would have you believe that it is all down to her (well the good stuff anyway) which is partly true but my wake-up call really was being told I had prostate cancer. It was inevitable that my life would never be the same.

Of course there have been some real lows. My life for a time looked very bleak, a real roller coaster ride but now I literally am ‘living the dream’. Unfortunately it’s not the one where I have won the lottery and never have to work again but it’s the next best thing. I’ve taken that scary step of jumping off the corporate ladder and now I am free falling through a world of the unknown. I feel free, liberated and if truth be known, just a little bit anxious!

So this is my first blog for my (sorry, done it again),‘our’ shiny new website ‘Over50choices’. Being ill made me realise I needed to get ‘my house in order’. Put plans in place to make sure Claire and my daughter Abby would be ok if the worse should happen. I found planning a really positive thing, quite cathartic in fact. In a world of confusion and the unknown,‘getting things sorted’ was my way of moving forward.

As a result we have tried to create a website that has a positive feel, even though the subject matter at times can be a little dry. Let’s face it funerals and insurance aren’t the sexiest topics of conversation.Having said that, putting plans in place and ticking that box can leave you with a really good feeling.

Anyway, back to my life as a serial entrepreneur. I use the expression in a very tongue in cheek way. I heard it on Dragons Den once and couldn’t for the life of me work out what it meant. I get the entrepreneur bit but ‘serial’, really? Surely you are either an entrepreneur or you’re not!

Mowing the lawn and visiting the parents will have to wait(sorry Mum and Dad). I’ve got a website to run!  

By Ashley Shepherd

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