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Pet Cremation and Burial

It has been a while since I last wrote about Pet Cremation and funerals and a lot has changed in that time. My ginger, well mainly grey companion who laid at my feet whilst I tapped away at the keys is no longer with us

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Does your pet get better healthcare than you?

Does paying for your pet's healthcare make a difference?

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Pet Insurance – A Price Worth Paying?

Sitting here writing this blog with a very whiny bored dog beside me who is desperately trying to get my attention reminds me just how big a part our pets play in our lives. Hugo; our greying, lumpy, dribbly but oh so handsome Hungarian Vizsla is quite simply our pride and joy. The unconditional love, following me around like a shadow and the extremely lively and vocal greeting I get every morning are just 3 examples of why having a dog or any pet for that matter is a great thing.

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