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long term care pension

Once you pass the age of 60 your worries are likely to be less about the inevitability of death, but the extent, length and cost of long-term care as you enter old age.

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long term care costs uk

Shocking research from Royal London shows people who go in to residential care could face bills from £50,000 to £93,000 at the end of their life.

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The Alzheimer’s Society points out that although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s or dementia generally,

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funding future care costs

Anyone who is paying for care and is affected by this deferral it will now be necessary to consider alternative sources of funding

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care act 2014

The 2014 Care Act was widely hailed a landmark of British social care as it defines social care needs across Britain, however,

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Pension Pot to pay for Long Term Care Fees?

Should we allow those needing long term care to fund it from their pension pot tax free? Find out more

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Who pays for Long Term Care Costs?

With annual costs of around £30,000, who exactly is responsible when it comes to paying long term care costs

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deprivation of assets

Deprivation of assets is a term used to describe the process of reducing your assets to avoid them being included in a local authority means test

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Will the local authority and taxman take your money?

Inheritance tax could take up to 40% of your estate but if you need long term care the Local Authority can take everything!

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