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compare life insurance

It isn’t much fun comparing life insurance – but why is that? What does a life insurance comparison involve and what might you be looking out for?

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compare life insurance

Sometimes, the figures really do speak for themselves. In this instance, just two statistics suggest that the average homeowner in the UK has insufficient life insurance to cover their outstanding mortgage

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life insurance comparison

It may not seem like the obvious gift but the decision to buy life insurance or life assurance as it is also referred to could be one of the most important decisions your ever make

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Which is better joint or single life policies?

The pros and cons of joint life insurance compared with separate life insurance policies mean that you may want to consider carefully your own personal needs

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How old is too old for life insurance?

In fact, you are never too old - or too young - to think about your life insurance needs

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life insurance for parents

We get more involved in our parents financial decisions as they get older & helping them to choose life insurance could be a wise decision

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life insurance over 50

How many times have you started reading something about life insurance or any type of insurance for that matter but stopped because the article is: a. Boring b. Baffling c. Hard sell Yep insurance can be very dull and confusing given all the ‘industry speak’ that insurance companies use; so at the risk of being boring, baffling but never hard sell, here is the low down on Life Insurance in plain English.

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