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are health cash plans a good idea

Health cash plans allow you to choose the consultations, check-ups and treatment you want, pay for it, submit the invoice and receive reimbursement of between 75% and 100% of what you spent

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affordable health insurance

Affordability is extremely difficult to manage of course – it all depends on your personal means and circumstances. What may be affordable to one person, may strike another as expensive.

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over 50 health insurance

Are you put off the thought of private health insurance because of your age and what it is likely to cost? The good news is that it might not prove as expensive as you think, since there are ways of reducing the cost of over 50 health insurance, making it an affordable option.

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nhs free check

Although we may take it for granted, the state of our health is of the utmost importance and can have a serious impact on the way we live our lives. As we get older, the risks to our health become more apparent, so the need to get and stay fit increases.

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NHS Targets

One of the primary reasons people choose private health care is to speed up the treatment process; so I was interested to read a recent article on the BBC news website about NHS targets

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health insurance quotes

It’s not just all about the money when choosing the best health quotes. I agree cost is important but choosing a cheap healthcare insurance plan may be a bad move when you discover the condition you are claiming for isn’t covered

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Protecting your wellbeing with health insurance ..... and a garden!

Don’t worry, I haven’t finally lost the plot or gone mad. according to research, gardening can also have a massive impact on both your physical and mental health

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compare health cash plans

Over 5 million people in the UK have some form of health insurance - and it’s popular for a reason. There are so many advantages to investing in health insurance including high quality care, more choice, value for money and peace of mind.

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how much does private heath insurance cost

Let’s talk about health insurance by answering some of the questions you’ve asked us about this important subject.

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Eating healthy in your 60s

Eating healthy at any age, but especially once you pass 60, is an important way not just of looking younger but also keeping your body fit and more youthful

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