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Celebrity funerals

Sep 4, 2018

funerals of celebrities

Having read some of the fitting and beautiful tributes to Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin who sadly died on the 16th August 2018 aged 76; it made me think about other famous celebrities who will be remembered in some way for their funeral as well as their achievements

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over50choices comparison site

I know they say that time flies but I’m amazed that Over50choices is already celebrating its 5th year in business – and what a 5 years it has been.  Read more....

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prostate cancer trials

It was with a happy heart that I read the latest BBC health news report about a new immunotherapy drug trial that appears to have had amazing results in one in 10 men with untreatable prostate cancer.

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how much is my house worth

Over-optimistic pricing is often one of the biggest single factors in delaying a sale – so try to avoid that if at all possible.

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How do I go about donating my body to science?

For significant numbers of people, the idea of donating their body after death to medical science has many attractions

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Over 50s Forums

Sep 16, 2016

over 50s forums

How many Over 50s forums are there? Take a look at some of our top pics.

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Dying Matters the Big Conversation

Dying Matters Big Conversation Week starts 9th May, but anytime is a good time, no matter how big or small it is

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Bucket List Favourites for the Over 50s

If you are fifty plus here are some of the favourite bucket list entries for the over 50s.

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The Rising Cost of Family Insurance

Family insurance helps to protect your family from a whole host of potential hazards: Read more here

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Aged 50 Plus? It’s Time to Review Your Insurance

A review of your insurance needs when you reach 50 is likely to produce mixed results, read more to find out why

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