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prostate cancer trials

It was with a happy heart that I read the latest BBC health news report about a new immunotherapy drug trial that appears to have had amazing results in one in 10 men with untreatable prostate cancer.

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how much is my house worth

Over-optimistic pricing is often one of the biggest single factors in delaying a sale – so try to avoid that if at all possible.

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How do I go about donating my body to science?

For significant numbers of people, the idea of donating their body after death to medical science has many attractions

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Over 50s Forums

Sep 16, 2016

over 50s forums

How many Over 50s forums are there? Take a look at some of our top pics.

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Dying Matters the Big Conversation

Dying Matters Big Conversation Week starts 9th May, but anytime is a good time, no matter how big or small it is

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Bucket List Favourites for the Over 50s

If you are fifty plus here are some of the favourite bucket list entries for the over 50s.

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The Rising Cost of Family Insurance

Family insurance helps to protect your family from a whole host of potential hazards: Read more here

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Aged 50 Plus? It’s Time to Review Your Insurance

A review of your insurance needs when you reach 50 is likely to produce mixed results, read more to find out why

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The financial benefits of being fifty plus

Being fifty plus no longer has the same connotations as it did even a few decades ago when being aged 50 or over was classed as old

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What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

It’s a tricky thing that prostate cancer. You’re going through life when wham, you get hit by a sledgehammer; read more

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